Welcome to Corporateloanindia



Ø   Corporateloanindia.com is a web portal designed to enable Small and Medium scale (SME) Companies/Firms to raise finance from Banks and Financial Institutions at best terms without actually approaching them individually.

Ø  Any Company/Firm seeking finance can mail us their data along with brief about their requirement. We will structure the transaction after discussion with them and structure their proposal in Summary Sheet and forward the same to among relevant Bankers/Financial Institutions.

Ø    Interested Bankers can then understand the requirement and approach the company seeking finance by directly meeting Promoters/ Finance Head of these companies(As per contact details submitted) and take proposal forward.

Hence company can get response from multiple Bankers in less than one week, and they can choose which bank they want to deal with. Also Bankers effort of reaching out to SME companies seeking finance and understand their requirement will be significantly reduced. So it will be win-win for both Bankers and customers.